How to write Evidence Based Practice sample Paper; 7 Key Components

Posted: September 27th, 2022

An evidence based practice sample paper can help you better understand an EBP writing task. There are strict paper protocols to observe. Yet, every nursing student will have to write one at some point. EBP is a vital part of nursing research. It creates a platform where nurses can rediscover new ways of patient care and other nursing interventions. 

There is a growing body of evidence suggesting that evidence-based practice (EBP) can improve patient outcomes. To fully realize the potential of EBP, it is vital to understand what it is and how to implement it effectively. EBP allows us to use available research to examine various aspects of patient care.

One way to understand EBP is to review an evidence-based practice sample paper. By doing so, you experience first-hand how EBP can inform decision-making in a healthcare setting.

Resources for your EBP

If you are looking for an evidence-based practice sample paper, there are a few places you can look. The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews is a good place to start, as it contains a wealth of information on evidence-based healthcare interventions. You can also search for papers on specific topics by using the PubMed database.

When reviewing evidence-based practice paper samples, keep in mind that the evidence presented in each paper will vary depending on the question. Thus, it is vital to critically evaluate the evidence presented in each paper, before drawing any conclusions. 

Randomized Controlled Trial

An evidence-based paper can also use a randomized controlled trial. The findings from such a trial can help write your paper.

Evidence-based practice papers are a useful way to understand how EBP can improve patient outcomes. By critically evaluating evidence-based practice paper samples, you will understand how to write your evidence-based practice paper.

Evidence based practice sample paper

A sample can help you find related papers you want to write. You can also use the resources to view clinical trials and other resources you can use for your paper. 

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How to write an Evidence Based practice sample paper

Here is a step-by-step guide for writing an EBP.

1. Choose a topic

The first step is to choose a topic for your evidence-based paper. It can be anything from the effectiveness of a particular treatment to the impact of a certain type of policy on healthcare outcomes.

Consult with your professor. Let them help you with the topic. They may approve or disapprove of your methodology. They will also guide you if you wish to write a new nursing theory. Similar to other professional and government organizations, your professor can assist you with writing resources.

2. Do your research

Once you have chosen a topic, it is time to do your research. Start by looking for evidence from studies and research papers published on your chosen topic. Look for past evidence-based projects to help you along the way. You can examine primary and secondary sources applicable to your research.

3. Analyze the evidence

Once you have gathered evidence, it is time to analyze it. This involves critically evaluating the quality and relevance of the evidence to determine what conclusions we can draw from it. Analysis can be a strict and laborious process. The inclusion and selection criteria are also necessary to note.

4. Write your paper

The final step is to write your evidence-based paper. Write your research paper following the format below. Ensure that you use the best evidence for research findings. Ensure that it is credible evidence and applies to the medical or nursing practice. Follow the rules of scientific writing and honor the professional research setting practices. Analyzing real data can be difficult for nursing students.

Alternatively, hire a professional nursing writing service to help you with the paper. Experienced nursing paper writers follow your research interests and use credible research for your paper.

Format of an evidence-based paper

An evidence based practice sample paper typically includes four key elements:

1. The title of the evidence-based paper

You must start your paper by giving it a proper title. The title must draw the reader’s attention. Also, it should give hints about the paper and findings. Your readers will first see the title and judge your paper before reading it. Ensure it is captivating and informative.

2. Thesis statement

While your title assists the reader with clues about your paper, you need to plan a thesis statement. A thesis statement must be concise and sophisticated. It must show the idea you are trying to prove or disapprove in your paper. A strong thesis statement is one way to earn marks. Below is a thesis statement for a paper.


Healthcare providers have for a long time used opioids to treat pain. Till today, patients still get opioids to treat non-cancer-related pain. There were 68,630 opioid deaths in 2020 comprising 74.8% of all overdose deaths. An alternative solution for pain medication can save many lives and prevent addiction.

3. Introduction 

After the Thesis statement, provide an introduction to start your evidence-based paper. The introduction should provide some background information about the problem at hand. Identify the specific problem and why it is an issue to the group of people.

Patient/Problem: What problems does the patient group have? What needs to be solved?

  • Intervention: What intervention do you intend to apply to the said problem?
  • Comparison: What other options can apply?
  • Cite appropriate literature.
  • Outcome: What do you want to achieve with the research question?

4. Methodology

Your evidence-based nursing paper focuses mainly on the outcome rather than the research part. It will focus on the findings. Therefore, you must use published research to back up your paper. It will create a foundation for the entire writing process. Using the evidence can be confusing. There are many evidence sources like journals, literature reviews, scholarly, case-controlled studies, white papers, and practice papers. Whichever you choose to use, it must be a reliable, valid, and credible scholarly source.

In your methodology outline the following.

  • Your search criteria, what term you used, how many results were found, and the number used.
  • Your determination criteria for the works you choose and the number of final resources used for your paper. It captures your inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Moreover, one can create a paper on prior knowledge, theories, and tenacity.

5. Literature Review

The literature review of your EBP looks into the sources you picked out. The systematic review tries to establish a gap in the research and fill it with more information. When writing the literature review on Opioids as pain medication, you can establish what works, and what precautions caregivers must take. It is also important to compare and contrast your sources. That way, you can be critical and develop your recommended approach to solve the problems. Evidence-based papers also require a good report of your findings. You should do that using a table outlining the intricacies of each research study, demographics, samples, methodology, results, level of evidence, and limitations.

6. Discussion

In the discussion segment, focus on the new practice. It also covers the implementation approach and evaluation strategies. Dive into how the findings led you to a new approach and implementation strategies. Also, create a strategy to implement the change and do a comparison if possible.

7. Conclusion

End the evidence based practice sample paper by summarizing your EBP paper. Make your conclusion count by properly driving a point through your findings and recommendations. Use the last part to summarize your paper into a clean version of your Thesis statement.

Most EBP papers are in either Harvard or APA formats. Remember to use proper citations and references for your work.

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